Cooking workshops

The Label Fait Maison organizes themed workshops for chefs looking for inspiration for their menus, or for better mastery of a specific technique. These are convivial, small-group sessions designed to encourage the exchange of experience.

Price : 150.-
Preferential prices for Label Fait Maison members : 120.-
Limited places: maximum 12 participants


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Program 2024

Workshops created and led by
Chef Gaël Brandy

GastroVaud, La Pinte Vaudoise
Av. Général Guisan 42
1009 Pully / VD


Low-temperature cooking: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables

Monday, 4th March 2024

Mastering low-temperature cooking :

  • for an optimal organization
  • tastier products
  • reduced material loss

Vegetarian cuisine in catering

Tuesday, April 23rd 2024 (additional date)
Thursday, 25th April 2024
17h00 – 20h00

  • original, attractive recipes using raw ingredients
  • easily adaptable to large quantities
  • ability to anticipate production

How to add value to meat cuts
of 2nd choice

Monday, September 23rd 2024
17h00 – 20h00

  • be creative without a noble product
  • added value for your profit margins
  • reduce food waste

Workshop created and led by
Chef Simon Favre

The secrets of desserts & pastries

Monday, May 6th 2024

  • how to get desserts out
  • traditional
  • you have no pastry chef
  • how to make simple desserts
  • zero waste

Rte de Grône 78
3966 Réchy / VS

Workshop created and led by
Chef Alicia Rico and
Chef Matteo Leombruno

How to make the most of our region’s cereals, with the presence and products of Dicifood

Monday, April 29th 2024

  • product presentation by Dicifood
  • find out more about our local products
  • be creative with recipes
  • vegetarian with local products

Hi Café by Delizia, Hiflow
Ch. Champ-des-Filles 36A (2e étage)
1228 Plan-les-Ouates / GE

Workshop created and led by
Chef Xavier Bats

The “pâté en croûte”

Monday, September 30th 2024

  • come and learn the secrets of a
  • passionate about the culinary arts
  • how to sublimate a “pâté en croûte”
  • what are the techniques

Ma-Terre –
Maison de l’Alimentation du Territoire de Genève
Ch. Moïse-Duboule 2
1209 Genève / GE

Workshop created and led by
Chef Philippe Ligron

Offal, the music of the future

Monday, November 4th 2024

  • discover our traditional culinary terroir
  • reduce food waste
  • working with cheap and tasty products
  • products low in fat but rich in love!

Rue de Granges 5
2504 Bienne / BE